We strive to breed the best white Labradors available. They are registered as yellow and that is
the only way we would want it. There are breeders claiming to have white labs that are just
yellow.  Some say there is no such thing as a white lab because they are registered as yellow.  
We will let you be the judge of that. We started breeding white labs because we love their soft
look. We are focused on providing the best white labs available. We do not use inbreeding to
keep our white coat trait. We do not just breed two white labs together. Each of our breeding
has generations of white labs behind it. This is why we can stay so consistently white
generation after generation. Our breeding is not just focused on the white coat, but also the
broad build and blocky head typical to that of an English lab. As you can see we have not
given up the stand out in the crowd look of an English lab just to produce a white puppy. We
have brought the best of both worlds together to produce a lab that truly stands out.  We hope
that every new generation  is an improvement over the last. We are very careful about our
breedings and make sure each one is the right combination of  looks, health, and intelligence.
Below is an example of our breeding.
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Cotton's daddy
Cotton has been bred to all three of
these females. These are puppies
from those breedings.
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Cotton's Grandfather
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Hoss and Drew's Sugar are the mother
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